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Grape grower and winemaker

Meinard Bloem

Meinard came to Chile nearly twenty years ago on a wayward adventure and found himself sticking around. After several years of enjoying the country’s wine, he imagined himself as a winemaker and embarked upon the journey it required. He went to study at Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, where his diligence and motivation led him to graduate as the top student in the Faculty of Agronomy. From there, he completed a master’s degree in Europe along with a few harvests in Germany and France, and then returned to Chile in 2009. Before coming to Lagar in 2011, he worked in two large wineries that led him to realize his appreciation for the personal, artisanal winemaking setting of smaller wineries.

Named by Tim Atkin MW as one of “the younger generation of winemakers [that] is taking the country to new levels,” we feel proud to have him realizing his dreams at Lagar de Bezana. He can be often found roaming the grounds with a harvest intern, a cellar worker or the vineyard manager, patiently and thoughtfully explaining the intricacies of some part of viticulture or enology. In the moments when he does escape making wine, he might be riding his motorcycle, sharing a rich meal with vibrant conversation between friends or making a soothing pot of tea with a smoldering fire, a book and Bach.

To gain an intense understanding of anything related to wine, or really anything at all, get in touch with Meinard at

Commercial Manager

Daniela Rojas

We were joined by Daniela in 2008, and were delighted to have such a depth and breadth of experience come to the winery. She studied Agronomy and Enology at the Universidad Católica de Chile and after a successful career as a winemaker and brand manager at a large winery for nearly six years, she returned to Santiago to manage the brand of Lagar de Bezana. She brings the passion and determination of a winemaker, combined with the vision of a brand manager. These talents are also shared with MOVI–the movement of independent Chilean winemakers–of which she is the president. In the time she has away from Lagar and MOVI, Daniela can be found having an asado with friends, her Uruguayan husband and three young boys, taking photographs or enjoying the placid-yet-enchanting beauty of the Chilean South.

For more information on Lagar de Bezana or on how to successfully combine a job with a family, contact Daniela at:

Commercial Assistant

Estibalitz Usabiaga

Estibalitz also studied Agronomy and Enology at the Universidad Católica de Chile. Her rare and lyrical name traces back to Basque. With many wine harvests in her experience, she now works to complement the product and commercial aspects of the winery. Her experiences making wine in California and Chile leave her adept to conduct wine tastings, represent the winery and keep things running smoothly.

As an enthusiastic traveler and lover of all types of handicrafts, Estibalitz is resilient–with a Basque heart–, crafty and always ready to contribute with clever and imaginative ideas.

To get in touch with Esti, contact her at:
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